Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Well a little bit of crafting done :) I made these for a pin swap I'm in over on uks. You had to decorate a pin, then make a pretty holder for it.

To be honest I did cheat a little with this, I think we were supposed to do the whole pin ourselves but when I signed up I didn't realise and thought you just had to buy them. I has a stash full so thought no problem but nope, I need to do it myself with beads, great I have no beads. Luckily Caitlin was very obliging and managed to break her bracelet that afternoon so yey, beads! lol. Its supposed to be a monthly swap but there were only a few of us this time so can't see it taking off unfortunately.
Other big news for today, my kitchen blind is up! Ok that might not seem a big deal but when you considered I bought it to put up in 2009 and its sat in the kitchen ever since you can see why I'm excited lol.
Camerons big news is this

Yes its a brand spanking new 3ds :) We were going to wait until after the holiday but a friend told me our local argos clearance warehouse was selling them for £99, and since we made £240 selling old toys and things we thought we'd treat him. Told him he won't be getting much when we're in Disney but he was fine with it. Makes nannys job this weekend much easier!

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  1. We all cheat sometimes, cute pins and a happy little boy!


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