Monday, 23 December 2013

Bad post/good post

Today I got a letter which, if the kids wern't here, would have had me commiting murder. It was a reply from our MP who got a letter from the social basically stating we were told NOT to give the girls back and it was our choice. Yet in the sentence after that they admit we had no legal right to keep them as they hadn't done any of the paperwork we were promised. I was LIVID! Unfortunately all I can do in reply is to email the MP with my opinions then wait and see. Grrrrr.
Well crappy post aside I also got this :) Bit of an early Christmas gift for me and Mark :) Gutted that Matt Smith is leaving Christmas day :( I LOVE him and I think I'm gonna be in floods of tears. Great way to celebrate Christmas isn't it lol.
I also received an adorable little air freshener with a pug on it :) There was no signature as to who it was from but I'm guessing it was my lovely friend Lesley :) Thank you!

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  1. You're very welcome - I couldn't resist ;)
    Hope things settle down soon with your nieces.


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