Monday, 30 December 2013

Supernatural :)

Well managed to get loads done yesterday so very pleased with myself :) Feel very much like chavs though as the wheelie bins are now stuffed so we have lots of cardboard bundled up beside them along with Caitlins old bike, moldy pushchair I found in the garage and our old ironing board. Cant wait until bins get emptied!
Well after all that work I settled down with a glass of wine, some Christmas chocs and my little TV buddy :)
There wasn't much on TV so decided to check out Netflix and saw this.
Lots of my friends have told me I'd like this as it's similar to other things I watch but I've never got around to it, typically one episode in and I was hooked lol. They're on season 8 now so I've got a bit to catch up on!
Had a hell of a morning on the phone to Very. My Mum and I both ordered some furniture from their sale, mine has gone missing somewhere while Mums has arrived but is the wrong colour. What a nightmare! Trying to get through (on a preimium rate number btw) then arguing with a very rude guy who insisted I was wrong, uhh the furniture is in front of me and I know the difference between brown and white! Finally gave up and canceled mine and they're sending a replacement for mum.........who later rung me and told me after thinking she prefered the white and wanted to keep it. There are times I think I deserve a medal for not killing people lol

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