Saturday, 28 December 2013

Walkies :)

Yey! After 2 rounds of immunisations and waiting for them to settle in, its finally time for Scamps first walk :) We've read a lot about pugzus and a lot of advice is about how poorly they do in extreme weather as they are short haired so don't have as much protection. With this in mind we looked everywhere for a coat for him but they were all too big! In the end we settled for this one which was the smallest we could find and doesn't fit too bad :) At least until he tries to lift his leg and falls over lol, we found folding it up a bit at the back fixed that though ;)
We were all excited to be taking him for a walk, Scamp less so however. Caitlin was going to her friends house for a birthday party and its usually a 10 minute walk maximum so thought that would be plenty for his first walk. Took nearly an hour! Between Scamp refusing to go at first and needing lots of coaxing, to him then loving it and stopping and sniffing EVERYTHING to everyone who walked past stopping and fussing over him I think he'd have got more exercise staying home lol. Kids loved it though, running ahead and shouting him, and were really proud every time anyone asked if he was their puppy :) Caitlins at her party for a few hours now so going to relax with my wee man and hopefully get a few more bits done in the house. :)

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  1. Lol! I remember those days of puppy walking - you certainly don't get anywhere fast!


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