Monday, 2 December 2013

Willpower and pretty decorations :)

This morning Star decided to send a message from Santa. Being a typical elf she didn't do it with a paper and pen but more sugar, sugar and more sugar :) Wasn't until after Caitlin pointed out that I realised she was right in front of the computer screen and obviously nobody can touch her or she'll lose her magic, so there she will stay until night time tonight. Woops.
Ok I have 0 willpower when it comes to make things, chocolate, wine, spending, and big puppy dog eyes. When the kids look at me with big sad eyes I melt and find it very hard to say no, last week I discovered it's so much worse when it's an actual puppy! When scamp came to live with us last Monday (wow has it only been a week?!?!) pretty much everything else stopped. Ironing, hoovering, decluttering all stopped in place of pulling a rope around the floor lol. However today I had to get back into it. This morning was a big shopping trip, home for a bit of playtime (cant neglect him can I? lol) ironing then putting up the decorations :) Usually I put up the tree on the first of the month but this year I decided to do it when the kids were at school because I like to do it my own way and don't take kindly to little fingers (or hubbys fingers) getting involved. I'm not too mean though, I bought them their own tree to decorate however they like, lol.
Caitlin also has this thing about NOT wanting Santa to come in her room, so rather than hanging the stocking on the end of her bed she puts it under the little tree on the landing and Santa fills it and puts it there.
Well tomorrow is Scamps vets appontment to get his check up and his immunisations. I admit I'm terrified about it. We have insurance for him but it doesn't kick in for the first 10 days so anything that shows up at this appointment isn't covered. :( I's so worried that I'm going to go in and be told about some long term problem needing lots of expencive meds which we just can't afford. I mean he seems a crazy, healthy, happy pup but you never know whats going on under the surface, so fingers crossed all is well!


  1. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

  2. I'm looking forward to reading more of Star's adventures throughout December :o)


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