Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Caitlin carol singing :)

Marks stupid cold seems to be trying to get to me now, felt dreadful last night and not 100% this morning :( Kids were both in great moods though, ran around searching for Star this morning before finding her hiding in the fridge, wrapped up in my hat of all things. Lucky my hair wasn't a mess this morning so didn't need it back ;)
This morning was Caitlins carol singing at the local shops. Was much warmer going to see her this year than it was seeing Cameron last year, remember stepping over piles of snow to get a good view of him. Was told that he loudest kids would be at the front and funnily enough thats where Caitlin was ;)
Well works night out tonight and was quite funny. The pub we went to gave us a good deal but were running really behind, we were supposed to get our started at 7:30, 8:40 they cam out. One of the girls had brought a couple of tins of sweets which by then we were all very grateful for! Was a laugh though, I've always found the worse the service is usually the more of a laugh I tend to have; those of you who have been to the hotel on the Sarahs cards retreats will know exactly what I'm talking about! ;)

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  1. Our crop meal was certainly FULL of laughs!!!


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