Friday, 6 December 2013

School disco

When Caitlin sccidently touched Star she was heartbroken. So much so she wrote a long letter apologising to Santa and sent it with her Christmas list. She still felt really bad though and kept asking me if she was on the naughty list now, I tried to reassure her she wouldn't be bit didn't seem to work. :( Star must have told Santa this as this morning she brought a little gift from each of their Christmas lists, along with a letter from Santa telling them both they were on the nice list and would stay there as long and they kept up the good work. :) So two very happy kids this morning.
Well been a loooooong day! But fun though. Was the Homestart Christmas fundraiser at Rockignham castle this morning which I always look forward to. We sell tickets and cakes to raise money and we get to go around the castle and see it all decorated which really is beautiful. I was up super early this morning baking cookies before dropping kids off and rushing to the castle. Afterwards was a quick trip to town before rushing home to pick up kids, take them home, get them dressed before back to school for their Christmas disco!
It was the first school disco they've been to, mainly because it's the first one the schools had lol. It was basically organised chaos. Overall we had 260 kids which was MAD but it was amazing to see them all having such a great time! They all knew the dance to Gangham style really well which was funny as anything to watch. It was the PTA which I'm part of which was running the disco so I got to watch the kids dancing and running about with their friends :) When they're older they'll probably moan I'm about ALL the time but at the moment they don't seem to mind and I feel very priveleged I get to see all the little bits of their lives lots of parents miss out on.
Well didn't get home until gone 8, so this is the first time since 6am I've actually sat down and my body seems to be screaming 'BED' at me. Not yet though! Its the schools craft fayre tomorrow (also PTA) so I've got all the prep work to do for that first! Better stop gabbing and get on. :)


  1. I loved helping at the school discos! My friend and I used to join in sneakily with the Cha Cha slide too. The kids would be mortified if I did that now!!!


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