Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Vets went well :)

Star decided to be a naughty elf last night! I was so tired so ended up in bed at 8:30 and she obviously decided to take advantage of that and tp'd the tree! Kids found it very funny :p I did take the toilet paper off but left her on the star for the day.
Well great news, Scamp did great at the vets! :) Well he did I cried lol. He had his check up and vet sound everything seemed great, then she gave him his jag. I had to hold him on the table and OMG did he scream! He squealled and cried and scurried away from the vet as quick as he could into my arms. I picked him up and he just cuddled in, hid his face in my hair and whimpered. I bawled. I was so touched that after a week he seemed to trust me so much to keep him safe from the 'bad vet' and though I knew he needed it I felt so guilty he got hurt and scared :( After the vet we took him to meet my Gran as she only lives down the road and her perked right up :) My Gran adored him and he was on fine form licking her and wagging his tail. He's such a cutie in my mind its hard not to love him but glad she agrees. :)
My two youngest babies :)
Though he was all hyper down at Grans the meds seemed to hit him as soon as we got home. Was sweet as usually he spends time with whoever will play with him, he has no preference between me and Mark. Today though he certainly seemed to prefer me. if I left the room he followed, if I went upstairs he'd sit and the bottom and cry. Just goes to show even fur babies want their Mummy when they're poorly.
Tonights Christmas activity was writing Christmas lists. I love it when they kids get all excited about asking for things and I think 'Oh yey thats already in the wardrobe' then sometimes they ask for things and I think 'no you're not getting that' which isn't as good lol. Some simple nudging always sets them in the right direction though ;)
On this years list is:
- Skylanders giants (did want swap force but convinced him to change his mind, it's £25 more than the Giants one! lol)
- Mario Kart 7 (bought on special back in July from Very *smug smile*)
- Luigis mansion 2 (bought on same offer)
- Camo Skylander (now this one was pure luck! When we went into to buy the Wii U I asked on the off chance if they had any second hand skylanders and at random picked this one as a treat for the elf to bring so very happy he wanted this one for his list lol)
- Despicable me 2 (dvd boxset with number 1 in the wardrobe)

- Merida dress (In wardrobe)
- Make up (yep, despite me hating the stuff)
- Grown up craft stuff (got, obviously lol)
- Pascel teddy (again luck, when Caitlin dressed as Rapunzel at school in February she lost her Pascel. I did try to get her one from Disneyland but didn't have one. When I went to Peterbrough with Mum they had them on special in the Disney store so bought one on a whim for the elf to bring so yey!)
- Epic DVD (yep got that too)

So have a healthy puppy and seemed to have got the kids everything they want for Christmas. Feeling pretty good today :)

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  1. Poor puppy!
    Imogen never played with makeup and still doesn't wear it now despite her friends being plastered in the stuff!


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