Friday, 27 December 2013

Still shopping lol

After sorting through the shopping I got at Next and Asda yesterday I had a fair bit to go back so thought I'd meet Mum for coffee and we could go take our many bags back together. OMG the town was crazy!!! It was way worse than it was before Christmas, took me ages to get a parking space and even then it was only because I was prepared to park in a huge puddle! Met up with Mum who said it had been mad in her store too, obviously everyone was making the most of the sales but personally I've never seen our little town so busy! Anyway after coffee Mum said she wanted to look in a few places so I decided to look in H samuels in their sale. You may remember that I always get the kids something special for Christmas, something that they can keep until they are older and either treasure or Ebay as they see fit ;) This year for Caitlin I couldn't find anything I liked at all, I usually get her soemthing from the Disney Jim Shore range but everything was either not what I wanted or else TOO pricey. Anyway I know H Samuels sell this range so thought I'd have a look and found this reduced from £20 to £9, I'll have that!
When the lady took it out of the window though she pointed out a teeny tiny brown mark on Daisys underarm and asked if it was ok. I really wasn't bothered so said yeah it's fine, then jokingly added on 'unless you can take some money off for it' 'I'll see what I can do' she said! Seriously I was kidding! Was a bargain enough as it was! Came back a moment later and said I could have it for £3, Result! lol. Happy Mummy, happy Caitlin :)

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