Monday, 9 December 2013

I have a floor! Well, some of it.

Elf decided to sled down the banister this morning. Her sled wasn't quite as nice as the ones I saw on pinterest but I'm sure she tried her best! lol.
Tried to get some pictures of Scamp last night. He was being really cute and waving his paws at me but every time I took a picture he would hide his face behind his paws, he better get used to having pictures taken if he wants to stay in this family! ;)
It was so sweet though, Scamp was half asleep on Marks knee when Cameron came downstairs crying after having a nightmare. Poor Scamp started whining and got himself all stressed until mark put him down where he ran right over to Cameron and sat on his knee licking his face to make him giggle :) Little sweetheart was obviously worried about him. I know I've said it before but having only cats it does amaze me how loyal a dog is so quick.
Not long now until Christmas! Tonight I've managed to finish off the teacher gifts, gifts for the kids classmates and all the cards needed for the school. All are now boxed/bagged up and by the front door ready to be taken to school tomorrow.
It's great as my bedroom floor has had all this stuff all over it for weeks as I've started to get everything ready and now I'm starting to finish and get it all sent out I have visable floor again! Having the annual party for the kids this Saturday so just focusing on that now. Sooooo much left to do!

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