Sunday, 8 December 2013


This morning the kids were very excited to check on their 'Elf seeds' and were amazed to see they had grown into chocolate santas and candy canes! If I could find any that grow into toffee crisps I'd make an allotment full :p
After harvesting the sweets it was time for out trip to Twin lakes to see santa! The kids were really excited to see my friends kids Ben and Erika again and as soon as we arrived the adults settled down with a coffee and bacon roll while the kids ran off to play. Was the best bacon roll I've ever had, honestly, lol. After a few rides on the rollercoaster and a quick trip to the ice skating rink with Caitlin it was time to see Santa. It really was beautiful. First we went through the magic woodland, which was full of snow and animatonic animals, then a train ride through the north pole before meeting the main man himself. :)
Erika was amazed bless her. She's only 3 so really it was the first time she met him knowing who he was. As usual Santa asked them what they wanted:
Ben - a pink panther toy
Cameron - Skylanders giants
Caitlin - some new pens
Erika - a potato
Me - do you mean me potato head love
Erika - no, a potato!
We're still trying to figure out what she actually means, lol.


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