Thursday, 19 December 2013

Coke truck!

Well after a very early night I'm feeling much better this morning :) Obviously after spending most of the day with mark Star took a leaf out of his book as we found her playing 'magic the gathering' with one of my eeyores this morning. I was wondering where all the crisps were going!
Cute pic of Mark and Scamp :) Love the bond they have already. I'm really looking forward to when we can take him for walks as I'm hoping it will give Mark a bit of a push to leave the house a bit more. Pity it won't be until new year once he has had all his jags, just in time for deep snow the poor thing won't be able to walk through anyway! lol.
Anyway onto other things, guess what I saw today? Yeah the coke truck! I'm one of those people where the Christmas season doesn't start until I hear that ad so when I saw it was going to be in Northampton I asked my Mum if she needed anymore shopping and if she wanted to go. Was amazing how many people were there, there was an official photo point but the queue was HUGE so Mum just took one of me here, not often you see pictures of me is it? lol.
Typically we went with a list of everything we needed, came home with a boot full of things only 1 of which was on the list. Got a few extra gifts though, and a couple of decorations that were in the 75% off sale so was worth the trip anyway. Could have spent a fortune in the Homescense over there, its like a Tkmaxx but only house stuff and had loads of crafts stuff. Pretty ribbon, storage, papers, was really good though and bought nothing :) I know I've got some craft stuff for Christmas as I bought it ages ago in the Sarahs cards sale, I can't remember for the life of me what it was though! So waiting until new year where I hope to have it all reorganised and have a better idea of what I need, rather than just what I want. How many times have I said that now? lol

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