Thursday, 26 December 2013


Well I cried my heart out at Doctor Who as expected, based on Facebook I wasn't the only one though so don't feel like too much of a crazy person! Only saw a little bit of Peter Capaldis Doctor but he seemed a bit off his head which bodes well in my opinion lol. :)
Anyway today was sales day! As usual Mum and I were at the Next store by 3am, we were about 60th in the queue! The girls at the front has been there since 1:30 and had sleeping bags and everything! I joke about it but can see that being Mum in years to come ;) We managed to get in in the first round though and tbh thank goodness we did as there was nothing! Honestly I got two pairs of jeans and a jumper for Cam. Felt bad for the people still queuing to get in as we left, felt like saying 'There's nothing left just go home!' lol. Still managed to get £270 worth of stuff but quite a lot of that was for the house. Hoping to finally finish off the bedroom, livingroom, Cams room and bathroom with bits from the sales :)
Usually after Next we go to River island, then onto a larger town or shopping center, this year though Mum was really ill :( Bless her she seems to have caught the tummy bug my Dad had last week so after Next she went right home to bed. I still wanted to make the most of it though so picked up Mark and the kids and we set of for Dunhelms. When we got there it was still closes so decided to treat the kids to a Mcdonalds. Cait was so cute, shes going through a really shy phase so when the guy behind the counter asked what she wanted I was surprised she even looked at him let alone answer, she asked for cerial, *rolls eyes* obviously they didn't have any so she had porridge with sugar which is obviously a treat as shes not allowed sugar at home. Cameron typically went for a sausage and egg wrap with hash brown and diet coke. Kid can eat! Managed to get most of what I wanted but didn't push it by taking the kids anywhere else, think keeping them away from their new toys when its the first real day they can play with them is just mean ;)
So after one day of shopping in the sales I'm just under £600 lighter, BUT I've got all new storage and wall decor for cams room, all new furniture, bedding and lighting for my room and all new furniture for the bathroom. :) Plus new clothes and shoes for everyone. Not too bad I guess :)

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  1. More bargains? Not seen Doctor Who yet, I'll get the tissues at the ready!


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