Monday, 16 December 2013

Camerons Christmas party

Kids woke up this morning and ran around to find Star as usual, she was being a bit of an acrobat and hanging from the wreath in our living room. :) Was a bit worried she might fall off and get chewed by Scamp but she had a good hold.
Today is Camerons Christmas party at school, I was asked to bring in some cheese and pineapple on sticks but the cheese kept breaking and falling off so I decided to make a cheese, grape and pineapple tree instead, as you do.
Cams teacher asked me to come in and help out move the food from the classes into the hall, what started as a 10 minute job went into a full day lol. I miss being in class so once I started I decided to stay all day and help out. Was busy, hectic and fun :) We live close enough so that I could run home for lunch and during playtimes to check on Mark so all worked out well. Made me wish I could go back to work tbh but can't be helped.
Tonight is all about cards! I've made some but the rest have GOT to be done and posted tomorrow if they have any hope of getting there in time, I've got all the bits out, pizza dinner beside me, Kirsties crafty christmas on tv and Scamp is happily chewing his squirrel toy so better get to work!

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