Friday, 13 December 2013

Crazy busy

This week has just been crazy busy, between Mark being ill, school events, pen green events and general housework feels like I haven't stopped! Been getting really bad headaches too, actually made my vision go a bit blurry last night which I didn't realise headaches could even do! Star must have realised I was a bit tired as woke up this morning and she had brought a couple of plates of pastries for breakfast :) Forgot to get a picture though.
Today was Caitlins class party so after getting them off to school with two tubs of cakes I rushed home to start making the food for the Christmas party tomorrow. I've got most of it from Iceland but like to do a few bits myself to make it a bit different. I had planned to make snowman lollies like I made last year but forgot to buy the lolly sticks, so made these instead.
Quite cute arn't they :) Worked at the school this afternoon in Cameron class which was fun. It was that class I worked in last year and do miss it but at the moment really couldn't fit it in, plus I'm not really supposed to help out there anymore because Cameron is in that class and they don't allow it in case of favouritism or the child acting up because Mummy is there. Think I would probably be harder on Cameron rather than softer with him so probably good for him I'm not allowed to ;) Today wasn't a big deal though as was just helping the kids to wrap gifts for each other.
Right I'm halfway through making a chocolate house so better get on!

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