Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas party!

Today was our christmas party, I do it every year for my kids and my nieces and they always seem to enjoy it :)
I went a bit ott with the food, as usual, this is one of 4 photos, :s
We played lots of games, including making snowmen out of my Mum and dad. Whoever made the best snowman out of a roll of toilet paper, sellotape, black circles and a carrot won. Cameron and my niece Evie won this one :)
We also made decorations from lolly sticks, played pass the parcel, musical statues, and made models from Magic chocolate :) Cameron made a skylander, I've NO idea what one.
Kids all had fun and only had a few rows. I'm now completely wiped out. Mark got one of his headaches last night and still has it today. Caused him to throw up in the livingroom which scared the life out of Caitlin bless her so hes been in bed all day leaving all the 'fun' to me. Making the food with a puppy and two kids running about wasn't easy, plus you can imagine the chaos with the 5 kids running about. I had shut Scamp away in the hall by that point. Evie doesn't exactly have the best respect for animals and after her killing Mollies bunny in the summer by manhandling it I wasn't taking any chances! I did let him out to play with them at the end which he loved. They all lay on the floor to play sleeping lions but they had to not giggle when scamp licked them or ran over them. They all lost :) Evie was ok with him under supervision but I did catch her trying to feed him chocolate after I told her not to because it could kill him. Not impressed tbh.
But thats all the big stressful events over with until the big day! :) Just relaxing, meetings and a few bits and bobs to do now. Going to relax tonight with a plate of leftover party food, a well deserved glass of martini and catch up on my Tivo viewing tonight :)


  1. Lots of festive goings on for you this week. Love what you did with the Oreos!

  2. What fun!! I love the snowman game - must remember that one for a party - I think adults would have fun playing that too!!

  3. What a lovely idea and great job you did! You definitely deserve some pampering ....

  4. Christmas party!!! You must be mad but they all had a good time including the end of the night tipple for Mummy :)


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