Friday, 20 December 2013

Last day!

Today was the kids last day at School so Star decided to wrap their uniforms up as a trick lol
Well as it was the last time we'd have no kids before Christmas so we decided, along with half of Corby it seemed, to go and get some shopping while we could. OMG it was mobbed! It was like it usually is when I go Saturday afternoon, crazy! Took us ages to do it all then nearly fainted when it came to over £100! Was a big cleaning shop though, washing powder, shampoos, plus stocking up the medicine cupboard and first aid kit. So after all that we get home and I realise I forgot the eggs for pancakes tomorrow morning. Whoops.
On a good note thought I got my slot for the next sale!!!!! I LOVE the next sale and always spend a fortune. Worth it though as I get the kids all the clothes they need for the next year, I save a little bit over the months to pay for it, just in time for the next Next sale :)
After making my shopping list for my slot on Sunday night it was time to go see the kids sing at the church. I'm not religious but seeing them sing and all the candles lit was very emotional and I admit I shed a tear, was special really as next year Cam will be at juniors and they don't do nativities or anything there as they're too big. :( Got to make the most of it while he is still my baby! So excited to have them home now, let the Christmas fun begin!

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