Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Daft idea! Wheres the wine?

You know those days where you should have just stayed in bed? Yeah today is one of those. Cameron 'remembered' at 8:10 that he had homework due today so was a mad rush to get that done. Then disaster struck. Star decided last night to watch some TV so was on the couch when we came down this morning. Unfortunatly Caitlin accidently touched her and all hell broke loose. I don;t know if I've mentioned but you can't touch the elf on the shelf or they lose their magic and can't fly back to the north pole, poor Caitlin was sobbing her heart out. I kept explaining if it was an accident it didn't count but she was having none of it. So to calm her down I had to email Santa, (at and explain the situation. Wasn't long before he txt me back (wasn't me changing Marks name to Santa on my phone and hiding upstairs txting myself downstairs for the kids to see obviously) and said it was fine he would post some magic fairy dust though the elf door today to sprinkle on Star to give her her magic back.
Quick trip to Tesco visit from the elf post and the special star shaped fairy dust was delivered along with a little extra gift for Caitlin. IMO Mummy should have got one too after dragging a sobbing child into school and trying to explain the situation to a very confused teacher who looked at my like I was MAD but I don't think a bottle of wine could fit through that door, oh well.
Well one drama done I thought that was it for the day. NOPE! We had a meeting the afternoon with social services to discuss my sister and how things were going. Well WE should have, however I got a phonecall from the social worker informing me Nicola has banned me from the meeting. Seriously. So I wasn't allowed to go. I was RAGING! I'm a great believer of not airing your dirty laundry in public, even when the kids have been little bleeding nightmares I'll smile, squeeze their hands and hiss 'wait till we get home' but I won't shout. I lost that a little today, think anyone who was at the town center now knows my sister is a selfish little cow and is laughing at the lot of us. Do regret it but done now. Did ring Nicola to ask WTF to be told she didn't want me to have anything to do with the girls. Pointed out I give them lifts, take Mollie dancing and am supposed to have all 3 next weekend at my house, apprently though that doesnt count because Nicola didn't ask me to do any of that Mum did. True, but only because Nicola refuses to do it and Mum doesnt drive, but thats logic, doesnt enter my sisters world. Blind rage aside though Mum says meeting went as expected. Nicola has to go to counciling, alcholics groups and so on. Social worker says shes taking it to her boss though so might change soon. Fingers crossed!

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