Saturday, 21 December 2013

Not long left!

Yesterday when we were shopping we found these selection boxes which I thought were a great idea. Rather than having sweets in it was dried fruit and fruit and oat bars, all healthy, good for you stuff. Obviously nobody else agreed because there was a huge shelf of them reduced to 75% off lol. Got a couple for the kids though and Star brought them this morning and picked out a DVD for them to watch this afternoon while Mummy gets on with jobs.
That was the idea anyway. Last night Caitlin developed an odd rash on her face and hands. The one on her face looked a little like a bite and the one on her hands seemed to me to be due to washing her hands so often now we have the pup, and its dried out her skin. Anyway we decided it wasn't a big worry and agreed to just keep an eye on it. This morning when she got up she looked fine, shortly after breakfast she complained her stomach hurt :s Lots of tears and panic later she seems to be ok and is cuddling with Scamp on the couch but little concerned. Can't think of a single thing which causes rash and a sore stomach but seems a bit of a coincidence both happened if unrelated iykwim.
Anyway better get on while kids are quiet!

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