Thursday, 5 December 2013

Girl knows me well

Star brought some gifts this morning :) Each year the kids have a new decoration for the tree representing some milestone or new interest. This year Cameron had a bauble filled with dice to show his love of maths and numbers, and Caitlin has a tree to decorate. It was plain but she drew on it before I had a chance to take a picture lol. I'm going to paint it green and decorate it with glitter and all that when we get the time to do it together.
This morning we posted the kids letters to Santa. Caitlin saw me taking pictures and actually stopped and said 'Cameron was in the way Mummy. I'll pretend to post it again so you can get a better picture to scrapbook'
Girl knows me so well lol.
Quick post tonight as I have around 150 cookies to make for tomorrow. I thought I had until the afternoon but had a call when I was in the bath telling me it was 9am! Cut my bath short anyway!


  1. Bless her! Hope the baking went well :)

  2. Bless her, that's so funny! Hope you got your cookies baked in time.


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