Wednesday, 25 December 2013


It's Christmas!!!! Sadly the kids had to say goodbye to Star as she went back to the north pole to help prepare for next year, but she did make sure they couldnt sneak out to see Santa before she went ;)
Kids were spoiled, of course :) When we were taking the presents downstairs last night I was surprised at how many there were! Caitlin was unwrapping things and I was thinking 'I have no memory of buying that!' But they were thrilled and loved everything so very happy Mummy and Daddy :) We didn't do too bad either! Mark got some dvds and a computer game, plus the usual jamie Oliver book and socks, while I was treated to new craft stuff (washie tape coming out my ears now!) new slippers, candles and a beautiful necklace from the kids :)
After a very quick tidy up before Scamp could eat the wrapping paper we went to my Mums for breakfast. She never gives the kids their gifts on christmas day as its nicer to keep them until its all died down a bit, but she does give them a bag of stocking fillers which I swear they get even more excited about lol. Only downside to the morning was I learned I just can't be around my sister anymore, usually I'm really good at putting on a face and smiling when inside I want to rip someones teeth out but just couldn't do it today. Think the fact she kept gushing about the wonderful gift she brought for the dog (a bone) when she hadn't bought anything for my two might have pushed me other the edge, but whatever it was I ended up storming out. :( Did put a bit of a damper on the morning but soon perked up after a few glasses of wine ;) This year was the first year that Mum and everyone came to my house so I was a bit nervous about cooking but besides dry stuffing (Mark didn't add water, lol) it turned out ok :) I had had a bottle by then granted so I probably wouldnt have noticed either way lol.
Remember how a few weeks ago Caitlin tried on her dress for Christmas day, it was too big so cue broken hearted tears, tantrums and Mum and I searching shops to find a pretty dress for her to wear on Christmas? Yeah its under this dress lol. Caitlin unwrapped her Merida style dress, put it on and refused to take it off. *rolls eyes*
Did manage to bribe her for a nice, family photo though :)
Funniest moment of the day had to be when Cameron was unwrapping gifts from my Gran. She had bought him some second hand skylanders so put them into an old Christmas card box. Cameron unwrapped it and while he was struggling to open the box we all made a big deal about how nice it was he had his own christmas cards now! He could give them all to his friends! He looked so uncertain and you could almost hear him thinking 'Seriously, I've got cards' but bless him he went along with it and acted happy and even said 'Oh yey I can write one for Jack' before managing to get it open and freaking out when he saw what it really was lol.
Well kids cuddled up in bed watching new DVDs, time to bawl my eyes out at Doctor who!


  1. Awwww I love the family photo of you all - simply gorgeous. I hope to see it on a layout sometime soon xx

  2. What fun! I wouldn't take that dress off either - she's smashing!!


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