Sunday, 22 December 2013


Even Star decided to remind me how long I have left this morning. Seems a long time but tonight Mollie is staying over (so tomorrow won't get much done) and Christmas eve we are off to a panto, so today is really my last day to get organised, Eeek!
Tbh there isn't too much to do. Mum and I are going shopping for the veg and last minute bits tomorrow night and I think the kids gifts are pretty even. Camerons pile is smaller than Caitlins though as we spent more on him I'm not going to panic about it. Cameron doesn't bother about that anyway and got to stop somewhere! Mainly cleaning need to try and get done, and make sure the rooms are ready for the toys that will soon be filling them. Wish me luck on that one!
Picked this up the other day and thought I'd share it. Most shops have reduced their Christmas stuff already so some great bargains to be found. I got this in Clintons, each of the silver figures at the top has a name on, Mark, Cameron etc and when you light the candle they slowly spin round :) I wish they had a less Christmasy one as would be nice to keep out all year but oh well :)
Funny comment from Cameron today

Cameron - Mummy did you know I was psychic?
Me - Oh yeah?
Cameron - Yeah, I can read my own mind!

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