Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas eve!

Well its almost here now! Have had a very busy big day but was fun so that's the main thing :) This morning Star brought us all an early gift which the kids got really excited about.
Turned out to be onesies for everyone, a selection box and Epic on dvd :) Hopefully keep them busy tonight!
After that excitement we didn't have long to do the last minute prep before going to the panto this afternoon. Wasn't too much left to do, just a quick tidy and cleaning the floors which really is done daily now since we got Scamp. Managed to get pretty much everything we needed from Asda last night and wasn't too hectic, few families rowing in the aisles but hey that's Christmas lol. So after finishing those bits we were off to see Snow white!
We were really worried about Evie and Cameron sitting still for so long (was 2 and a half hours) but they LOVED it! Evie was really into it, shouting and screaming along with everyone else. Cameron didn't shout quite so loud and rolled eyes eyes at a few points when he caught me looking, because obviously he's too cool to enjoy kids panto :p but so glad we went :) Was a perfect way to spend Christmas eve. Kids are now in bed watching their dvd and Mum and Bri are coming round for a chinese and to peel veg, almost the big day now. Yey!!!

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  1. Love the panto, took Imogen the day she finished school and shhhh I'm taking her again on Sunday :)


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