Sunday, 15 December 2013


Today Star brought some sweets and tickets to go see Frozen for me and Caitlin. Cameron was invited but his exact words were 'but at the cinema I need to sit still for AGES!' gave me the impression he didn't really want to go lol. So he stayed home with the men and a fridge full of leftover party food, sure they will be fine ;)
We did plan on going to see the 2d showing at 12:20 but just as we got there we found the road was closed! By the time we had drove all the way back and around the other way it was sold out so we got tickets for the 1:15 3D showing instead. I'm one of those 'just in case' people so I'd brought along our 3D glasses from home, so between that and having free adult tickets from Iceland was only £22 for the 4 of us, not bad :)
I admit I LOVED it! I had read some reviews about it being a bit slow and boring and I think the start was for the kids but I really enjoyed the music and the set up. Olaf the snowman was genuinly funny and I was laughing out loud at a lot of points. I want to go see it again! Caitlin liked it but not as much as me, think I'm a bigger kid than her sometimes :)
After a lovely day out was home to do the last round of sunday night ironing, bath, homework bed. Camerons homework was a Christmas wordsearch (easy) and a Christmas sudoku (not so easy) OMG it was hard! I just couldn't get to grips with it. Took me 45 of working on it because we finished it. Not my finest moment lol.
Just a quick cute pic of Scamp to distract from what a idiot I am :P

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  1. He's so cute - glad you enjoyed the film, I can't watch 3D, the glasses make me feel sick :(


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