Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas tree festival

Ok I admit I'm playing catch up. Most of the blog posts this week I've started but never got around to finishing, so this is me finishing them off and publishing them all at once :)
Today was Cameron turn to sing, rather than being in the freezing cold outside the shops we got to stay inside which was a plus. Each year the school has a christmas tree festival, where every class makes decorations to decorate a tree. Usually they have lots of games and fundraising things but as we had that at the craft fair this yeah we just did the one game and refreshments. We didn't expect it to be too busy but OMG it was mobbed! I was running the 'Guess Santa' game, lots of cards turned over and you had to find Santa, actually had to stop halfway through because I'd run out of prizes.
Forgot to photograph Star this morning before I cleaned her up but found her making snow angels out of icing sugar in the kitchen! Very naughty elf!

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