Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The bug got me :(

Ughhhhhh. I've been feeling rough for a couple of days now, bad chest, sniffles etc. Last night Cameron wasn't well at all. Couldn't sleep for coughing, panicing because he couldn't breathe etc so I ended up sitting up with him. This morning he waves up all fine and full of energy while I can barely get my head off the pillow. Swear he passed it all on to me lol. Oh well.
This morning Star was in the bathroom messing about with my shower gel, glad it wasn't my expencive Lush stuff ;)
Worst part about being ill is getting nothing done :( particually at this time of year. I had planned plenty of jobs as usual but spending the day in bed/on the couch soon put a stop to that! Even had to send Mark to do both school runs but thankfully went without issue :) Cameron brought us home the calender he made at school today. He's be studying Scotland and they all based their calenders on a Socttish artist, Cameron picked a picture of a lighthouse..........
at least thats what he says it is, looks like something else to me! And this gets to hang on my kitchen wall for a whole year, *sigh*

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