Friday, 21 February 2014

Back to normal

After yesterdays fun filled day today is much more dull. It's a lovely day outside so I've left the back door open and the kids and Scamp are running randomly in and out. Still cold but at least its dry enough for them to do it. Also been unpacking my Ikea goodies and tidying away. I was very good and resisted all the potential stash storage, and the rolls of washi tape (I have enough atm lol) and only bought these.
I love the blue tags as will be great for journaling and the black and kraft ones are just plain kraft on the back. The paper clips arn't something I would usually use but I've seen them on other layouts and they look great so picked them up :) £4 for this bundle wasn't too bad I thought :)
So lots of tidying, ironing and kids playing today. Caitlins currently playing with her playdough which she always seems to want as soon as I've swept and mopped the floor lol. Camerons watching tv and an ad for the new 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2' just came on.

Me - why is the strawberry mooing?
Cameron - because he has legs

This is NOT the oddest thing said in my house I have to say lol


  1. Hi Gemma, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog post.I thought i'd pop across to see yours. Ikea in MK is fab isn't it..i was spoilt for choice when I saw all their stationary bits x

  2. Ooh haven't see those blue tags before!


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