Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Todays prompt was 'Metal' I had no idea what to do but then fate stepped in lol. Last night Mark collected the kids from school, which was simply picking them up from class and walking around the corner to where I was parked. This morning Caitlin couldn't find her hat and gloves. Mark insisted she didn't have it when she came out of school so they must be there. So driving up to school this morning Caitlin suddenly shouts 'I know where my gloves at hat are!!' They were waving to us from the fence lol. Obviously Caitlin had took them out of school, dropped them then some nice person picked them up for us.
This afternoon was another social services meeting about my sister. There's a legal meeting on Friday to see if the higher ups want to keep the kids with Nic or move them. The social workers are very confident that Mollie will remain with my Mum long term though when it comes to the younger two they're not sure. It could either be a case of Nicola is given conditions to live by (dont drink, no drugs etc) or that the towel is thrown in and the girls removed. As its the second time within 2 years this has gone to the legal panel it is likely to be that the girls are removed, but I've learned you can never predict these things. To be honest I'm not even sure what I'm hoping for so will just wait and see and deal when it comes to it, but will keep a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge for either outcome! lol

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  1. You're so patient with your sister!!!
    Great photo :)


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