Thursday, 20 February 2014


Today I went to see Wicked at Milton Keynes with my Mum and Mollie. I was SO excited!!!! Even more so when we halfway there and Mum suddenly said 'Can you find the nearest Ikea on your phone?' We were going Ikea too!!!! Ok its probably sad how excited I got but I LOVE Ikea and they are so far away I don't often get to go. Managed to resist spending a fortune but could so easily be done in there. Got Caitlin a new mirror, Cameorn a enw clock and some other bits and bobs for the house :) Then we were off to town! I promised the kids I would bring them back a doughnut each so first trip was to Krispy Kreme. Another place too far to go to often. I was going to buy 5 doughnuts (me, Mark, kids and my dad) but it was £7.50 for 5, or £10 for 12. No brainer really. ;)
So shopping done and we were off to see Wicked!!! I was SO excited!! :) Our seats were pretty good too. Quite high up but a good view still.
The show was AMAZING!!! I admit I welled up a bit when they sang defying gravity. The costumes and special effects were really impressive too. So glad I went. :) The drive wasn't as bad as I expected so thinking maybe I will try it next time :)


  1. Wicked sounds fab - it is on my list of musicals to see. Thank goodness nowhere round here sells Krispy Kremes - I love them but they are a rare treat and yes I would have bought a box of 12 too LOL!!!!!

  2. I told you you'd well up at Defying Gravity, I LOVE it! Will def go and see it again xx


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