Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January counterfit kit. (yes I know its February)

Ok so I'm behind but not by too much ;) This was the kit we were given in January which is very wintery so I love it.
These are the papers I picked. I've got loads of Christmas papers I bought when they were reduced including lots of foiled and glittered ones which are in the front row. The patterns on some are huge so can see me cutting out a lot of these bits and using as embellishments.
That said I'm not short of embellishments either. I love Christmas so always take loads of photos so obviously need lots of embellishments to go with them ;) You can always get Christmas crafting items for pennies in the sales so I never have a shortage of them. After this year I now have 13 Christmas themed washi tapes too lol. Everything you see here was bought for half price or less. Love sales :)
Well today Mark is off for his 6 monthly appointment at Birmingham. I hate when he goes as always worry they'll find a problem, they'll be an accident, he'll get lost etc. His friend Eric goes with him who is amazing at taking care of Mark but you know what it's like, nobody can take care of them as well as you! To distract myself I've got a morning of housework (boooo) then I'm helping out in Cameron class this afternoon (yey!) Then have rainbows and other errands to run tonight so will be too busy to worry I hope :)
Thanks for all the comments about Caitlin yesterday :) Appointment didn't go as bad as I thought so that was good. Her front tooth is coming in crooked but the dentist thinks that Caitlins tooth will push it into place? Ill take her word for it ;) No tears from Caitlin this time so hoping shes getting used to it!


Thanks for your comments. :)