Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Poor baby :(

This morning we took Scamp to get snipped. I felt dreadful leaving him there and had a little cry but had to be done. We dropped him off at 9 and were told to ring at 2:30 to see how he was so after getting shopping, coming home, doing housework and cursing the clock for not moving I gave in at 2:20 and rang lol. Was so relived to hear he was ok and we could go and collect him at 4:30 :)
As Caitlin has Rainbows on Monday night, I needed Mark to collect Scamp and only had a small car I dropped Cameron of at my Mums and picked up Caitlins friend Lucy from her house. I was surprised her gran was watching her as usually her Mum is home when I collect her but assumed she was working late. Her poor gran had no idea what was going on but Lucy grabbed her coat and was in the car like a shot. We drove to rainbows for 4:30 and waited outside, and waited, and waited. And then it hit me, Rainbows starts at 5:30 *facepalm* So after picking up Scamp I took Lucy to mine to play for a while while I got Cameron from my Mum who KNEW Rainbows wasn't until 5:30 but thought I was doing something Cameron shouldn't know about so kept quiet lol. God I need a holiday!
But Scamp is home and feeling very sorry for himself. He's had some chicken to eat and lots of cuddles and seems to picking up a little bit. He had a hernia fixed at the same time and the cut and stitches from that are huge! The actual neurtering one is tiny but the one on this stomach is a good inch and a half long and looking very angry. We have a cone in case he tries to lick it but he's not interested atm, just wants snuggles :)
I've been scrapping again too :) This one was for a challenge I set for me and my friend Jess. I gave this sketch
and we had to use some bling. This was my take :)
The photo is from my neices birthday party where she got some face paints and made me do butterflies on everyone. Not the best but I tried lol. Fairly simple layout, using last bits from an old counterfit kit so thats one down. Plenty more to come!

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  1. Hope Scamp's bits have all healed and he was a good boy and left well alone!


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