Monday, 3 February 2014

BAD Mummy!

OMG today didn't start off too well. Taking the kids to school, almost at the gate and Caitlin asks if we're going out tonight. No you have dentist after school I reply. She bursts into tears! She doesn't like the dentist thats true but she doesnt usually get SO upset about it. Tried to calm her down, bribe her etc but she was having none of it. So I had to drop off a sobbing little girl :( Promised I'd make mac and cheese for dinner which is her fave so hopefully that will help. Also keeping everything crossed she doesnt need any work as I'm sure one of her front teeth is coming in crooked. :s
So I'm still scrapping :) My friend Fiona recently started a new monthly meme called SIPIDI. Which means See It, Pin It, Do It! The idea being that once a month you take one of the many projects you pin and actually do one, lol. This can be anything, a recipe, a layout, a DIY project, anything you would like :) It's a great way to kick start your mojo so feel free to join in here.
Well as most of the recipes I've pinned are not exactly diet friendly I've picked a layout to scraplift this month. I pinned this one a while ago because I like the colours but decided to use the layout more instead.
And this is what I did. :) This is another photo from Great yarmouth a couple of years ago, though I think the kids look just the same as they do now lol.
Two birds with one stone as todays prompt is 'square' so think this square shaped layout will do :)
Ugh, it's Monday which means ironing needs done. Marks off to Birmingham tomorrow for his appointment so will be back and forth then!


  1. Fab layout and wow you are quick off the mark with the new challenge. Hope Caitlin gets on alright at the dentist xx

  2. Bless her. Hope she goes on alright x Thanks for the SIPIDI mention :o)

  3. That's a lovely layout and a great scrap lift. I have just seen this meme on UKS blogathon and I think it is a great idea.
    I hope the dentist went ok.

  4. Hope the dentist went well - SIPIDI, I am so joining in with that one!!!
    Lovely layout and hope Mark's appt goes well :)

  5. I've pinned that LO too... I love your interpretation of it...I'm going to give the sIPIDI a go too.


Thanks for your comments. :)