Thursday, 6 February 2014

Quiet day

No days ever seem to go to plan in this house lol. Today was supposed to be Marks CAT scan, but hes been up most of the night with one of his migranes/tramadol headaches so hes now in bed for probably the rest of the day. Gives me a good opportunity to catch up on a couple of jobs and to start my Mums mothers day book though :) Each year I make her a mini book with photos of all the Grandkids over the year. I did it when Caitlin had just been born and each year shes asked for another one so its a kind of tradition now. Should help use up my scraps too ;)
I forgot to show my photo a day photos yesterday so here they are. The prompt on Tuesday was 'stripe' so I picked this. I was using the lines everyone was lying in as stripes but everyone pointed out my wallpaper is stripy so that helps too lol.
Yesterday was 'I heard' I was sitting on the PC when I heard snoring and turned around to see Scamp and Daddy having a nap on the couch.
Today is weather, but besides taking a photo of a very grey, dull sky I havent thought of anything for that yet so we'll see if I can think of something later.
I'm still scrapping though :) My chair is still my 'throne' though I have organised it a little better so if mark sits on it it doesn't all fall on him now ;) This photo was from either the world cup or the european cup I'm not sure. Cameron was very excited to wear the football kit we bought him in Turkey and sit with his Daddy to watch football. I was surprised because he actually sat though the whole thing. Usually Cameron can't sit still for more than a few minutes at a time! the novelty wore off I think as that was the first and last game he watched all of ;)
Well better get on if I want to get Mums book started. Theres no clubs or anything to run the kids to tonight so looking forward to getting home from school, putting my pjs on and STAYING in away from the rain!


  1. Cute photos, cute layout, hope Mark gets his scan soon

  2. Great layout and I love your stripey photos - sure we will see that on a layout very soon xx


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