Thursday, 27 February 2014

Birthdays all done :)

This morning my Mum and I went to town for Mum to put some money in the bank and me to look in TkMaxx. Now AGES ago, like November time Caitlin asked for a 3DS. I'd already bought her christmas gifts by then so said we'd get one for her birthday, she was fine with this. I've been asking at regular intervals since then to check thats what she wanted and each time she says yes. Then last week she announces she doesnt want that anymore, she wants a Elsa, frozen dress. At which point the beautiful one I saw in Tkmaxx before christmas flashes through my mind, which I didn't buy because she wanted a ds *sigh*. Well had a look and true enough the one I saw with the pretty faux fur shrug was gone but they did have a similar blue sparkly one so got that. :) Hopefully will fit the bill. I got a few other bits for her while there so that was Caitlin done.
Cameron was a little harder. He wants the new Mario game, and new Lego game. Both £45 each. Way too much for a couple of games IMO. Told Mark if I could get them for around £60 I'd pay it but no more. Then I get an email form Very giving me £20 off my next spend, so I managed to get both games for £62 (didn't mind the extra £2 lol) So now both birthdays sorted for gifts so very happy :)
Still scrapping away with my old photos. These are old photos from when Mark was selling some bits on ebay. Caitlin saw this piggy bank and thought it looked fun, then she pressed the buttons and it started to move and talk and she freaked out lol.
These are from the train back form Disney the first time we went with both kids ages ago. You can't see in the photo but the green cardstock is mettalic :)


  1. Shopping done and pages finished too - you are rocking!

  2. Glad you're getting back to your scrapping - what would you do at the retreat otherwise!?


Thanks for your comments. :)