Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Feeling old!!!

So what did I do today?? I have no idea lol. Seriously it's 9:50, I'm sitting at the PC and I have no idea where today has gone. Last night I admit I didn't sleep well. I was worried about Scamp being downstairs on his own so rather than put him in the hall as usual I slept in the living room with him. Well I say slept, I slept very little! I have a bad back anyway due to an injury years ago and the couch did no good to it so very sore today and sleepy today. Scamp was fine though so not worried about putting him back in the hall tonight lol. He did make me laugh though, as he had the cone on I didn't want him sleeping in his cage as I'd been warned it was dangerous to leave them in the cage with a collar in case it got caught, obviously the gauze strip used to hold the cone on would be just as bad so I dragged all his blankets out and made a pile on the floor for him to sleep on. This morning I picked them up and decided they were in desperate need of a wash so put them in the washing machine. Scamp was NOT pleased at this! Seriously he climbed up and tried to drag it back out lol. Reminds me of when the kids were young and I'd wash their teddies.
So as well as a bad back I've managed to hurt my knee. I was doing my workout dvd and suddenly got a sharp pain. It now feels bruised and clicks when I bend it. God I feel old lol.
Aside from moaning and doing housework I do seem to have got my mojo back a bit though :) I actually did this layout a while ago but don't think I've shared it yet. Love this photo of Caitlin and Mark years ago having a nap together :) Again using scraps and random bits. Determined to cut it all down before my retreat!
Not sure on this one. To be honest I'm not a big fan of the papers but gave it a shot. This picture was from Great yarmouth I think 4 years ago ish. We were showing the kids how to play pool and Cameron was getting very impatient for his turn!
Well tomorrow Scamp has a check up at the vets to see how his tummy is helaing. It looks much less red than yesterday and doesn't seem to be bothering him so I'm confident he'll be fine :) He's not allowed to go for walks again until Saturday and has been a little whirlwind today! Certainly got his energy back! :)


  1. Two really cute layouts - it is hard to use papers that you don't really like much, why I am struggling to use up some of the old kits that I don't have much love for.

  2. I told you NOT to sleep on the sofa!!!!


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