Friday, 7 February 2014


Poor Mark is still suffering from his headache but he managed to come to the school this morning to see Caitlin get her 'star of the week' award. Earlier in the week her class had been talking about ways to help each other, and those who are less fortunate than them and Caitlin came up with some great idea and was really helpful. :) Very proud Mummy moment :) My Gran came and saw her too which was lovely, the kids always love it when people other than me and Mark come to see them, think they're bored of us lol.
So as Marks still poorly we cancelled his appointment this afternoon. We got a letter this morning re-organising his CAT scan for half term so thats good as we don't need to find a babysitter. We're lucky that the kids are pretty well behaved when waiting for appointments. To be honest they're more patient than me!
So from one award to a layout of another. These photos are from when Caitlins nursery did a sports day. I don't think she looks much different than she does now considering it was almost 3 years ago now. Goes so quick :(
Well not much to do today again. Will just potter about I think until its time to get the kids then take Cameron to beavers. He's still loving it which is good :) Theres a disco at the school next friday but cameron doesnt want to go because as he puts it 'At beavers you play games but at a disco you just dance' Well hes not wrong!


  1. Hope Mark is recovering from his headache. Great layout and so your should be a proud Mummy!

  2. Congrats to your little star. And cute page too.


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