Saturday 15 February 2014

SIPIDI bin it!

Well went to the garage this morning to give them my key, to be told its going to be around £150 to get the car fixed :( Gutted. Got to think it was for a reason though, better it happened now than when I was on my way down to wales in a few weeks. So that won't be done till Monday so not much else to do today except stay home and try and rearrange bills lol.
Todays photo prompt was 'learn' and I knew exactly what I wanted to pick :) Cameron is doing his SATs at school soon so they gave him a practice exam to see where he needs to improve. One of the questions asked him to show his working, this was his reply.
Yep he wrote brain and drew a picture of a brain. Think he needs to learn how to write his working a little better ;)
Keeping on the theme of prompts, tonight for dinner I decided to take part in See It, Pin It, Do, It (SIPIDI) and try a pinterest method for cooking mac and cheese. Idea is to cook 2 cups of pasta, in 2 cups of milk and just add one cup of cheese one its cooked. The cheese and milk make the sauce and no need to drain or make a complicated sauce. This was the picture given.
The phrase 'nailed it' doesn't exactly come to mind! Dont know what I did wrong but the cheese curdled and went all lumpy. Ended up in the bin and Caitlin had crumpets for dinner lol. Will be sticking to the tried and tested method in the future ;)


  1. Oh dear :( Never mind, at least you tried!
    You're going to Wales?

  2. Maybe you should show this to the Pintrosity blog - sorry it went wrong, I think I will stick to the tried and tested method of making macaroni cheese LOL!!

  3. Sorry it was not a success, but it makes a great blog post title! For quick macaroni cheese, I make a pint of white sauce and freeze in 6 portions. Then when one of the children needs a quick turn around after school, all I have to do is cook the pasta and usually some sweetcorn, drain, grate some cheese over the top and stir in the reheated sauce.


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