Wednesday, 12 February 2014

One of those days

Ugh, today has been one of those days! This morning was nice but then this afternoon/evening was one of those times where everyone was demanding things of me and I was getting it in the neck when I couldn't give it, even though I was trying at expence to myself! Not that matters.
Rant over, lol. Ironically today's prompt was 'What cheers me up' Usually I would pick the kids or Scamp or something, but as I type both kids are sulking because I won't let them go on the PC and Scamp woke us all at 6am barking at the bin men hes not my fave pup today! While wondering what to pick I was scrolling through the pinterest app on my phone and found myself laughing at some of the posts so decided to take a screen shot of that. :)
As you can see I'm still obsessed with Supernatural. Now halfway through season 4 so thats almost a season a week. Don't know how, not like I have that much spare time! Bet if I tried to find that much time to do something else I wouldn't manage it lol.
Something else to cheer me up was a parcel I got this morning, yummy stash!
The letters are supposed to sell Story but the S didnt make it into the parcel lol. Never mind :) Love that wooden arrow.
Doubt I'll be using it until my retreat as still using up scraps and things, but looking forward to it :)


  1. Nice kit - sure Sarah would send you the "S"?

    1. I messaged her and shes putting it in with my next kit bless her. Great customer service :)


Thanks for your comments. :)