Saturday, 1 February 2014


Today marks friend Eric has taken him out for a bit so I invited Mollie over to play. Mark stresses when other kids come round so I try and make the most of it when he's not. Doesn't exactly give me an easy day but hey ho thats life lol.
I've still be busy scrapping as much as I can. I have 60+ photos I'm trying to use up before the retreats so got to keep at it! This isn't the best picture of this layout but I've put it away now so it will have to do. This picture was taken the first time we went camping. The kids were amazed by the fire and enjoyed simply sitting with Mark watching it and enjoying a hot chocolate. The second time we went it was tipping it down so glad I got this photo the first time round!
Last night I put a status on Facebook that I loved my new 'throne'. a lot of people asked what I meant and this is it lol. :) Not really a throne at all but thats what Mark calls it. I've kind of stole this chair as mine and set up my scrapping bits around me so I can sit and scrap without hunting for things. On the left hand side are my plastic box of scraps I'm trying to use up, and my little pink box of chipboard shapes. I usually have these behind the computer so they don't come out very often. I've also got my cutter and all my tools. On the right are my photos, random embellishments to use up and some layouts I've ripped out of magazines to scraplift. It's not really everything I would need usually as my washi, ribbons, twine, button ect are over on the desk but at the moment when I'm going for speed rather than really detailed layouts it works well for me :) I'd love to have one of those huge scraprooms I see on youtube but until I win the lottery this will do ;)
Quick catch up on photo prompts. Yesterday was 'culture', so this is a photo of Caitlin in the Turkish dancing outfit we bought her on holiday.
Todays is 'throw away' well these I hope won't be thrown away after I'm gone. These are all the layouts I made in January.
Well kids are currently playing with makeup and resemble clowns/ladies of the night so better go find some babywipes to turn them back into kids ;)

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  1. Great "throne" although I couldn't scrap like that!


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