Monday, 17 February 2014

Driving again!

I've got the car back! Will need to borrow some money off my Mum to pay off the credit card bill next month but at least its done. I'm waiting for the next crisis though as the car was one, then my clock two, and these things always come in 3s! Hopefully its something cheap, or something Im not fussed about ;)
Well last night I did manage a layout before I gave in and went to bed. I dug out my October counterfeit kit which I don't think I've used yet :s Tbh I'm not overly fond of it. I don't know if its too squashed together or would have been better with different alphas, but its def not one of my faves.
the story behind the photo is when we went to haven a few years ago my Mum gave Caitlin a Polly doll, who is one of the Haven characters. When we went to see the shows at night Caitlin insisted on taking doll Polly with her to meet real Polly. When Polly came on stage Caitlin held the doll up so she could 'see' and said 'Look there's you!' Bless her :)
Had to take Cameron and Scamp on a looooong walk today. Cam was home all day yesterday and was so hyper! Honestly I don't think he's stopped talking since he got up this morning. So we walked around the streets for a bit and popped in to see my Mum. Poppy and Scamp ran about like usual. Scamp seemed so depressed when Poppy left the other day and they get so excited to see each other :) Its adorable really.
So its 4:15, its dark, cold and horrible outside! Dinner is in the oven and I promised the kids we would make some cookies to warm us up a bit. Marks got his CAT scan tomorrow morning so that will be worrying and very boring for the kids to sit about and wait though so hopefully if we do fun things today it will lessen the blow a bit. Also have social services meeting tomorrow and then Mollie is coming to stay the night. Busy day!

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  1. Glad the car's back and the layout looks fine to me!
    Hope all goes well with Mark and the meeting...


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