Monday, 24 February 2014

New storage :)

Today I took my Mum to Northampton to look at couches and dresses for an upcoming wedding. Over there they have a store called 'Homesense' which is like TKmaxx but without clothes and it always has an absolute ton of craft stuff. Obviously I found my way there ;) Dissapointingly most of the craft stuff was either baking, knitting, damaged or really no cheaper than in normal stores, but I did find a large storage box for Mark :) Hes been after some more storage for his paints and modeling bits for a while so picked this up for him. Problem was, by the time I got home I'd thought about all the stash I could fit into it, being the nice wife that I am I still handed it over to a thrilled Mark. Then he saw me staring at it, so insisted I have it ;) Got to love him.
The front section opens up to show 2 pull out sectioned trays. Used these for all my brads, buttons, wooden vaneers etc.
Top holds my most used punches. Thrilled about this as they're usually stuck in a big box in the garage.
and I've tied all my washi to the sides with loops of ribbon.
Amazing how happy new storage makes me! :) :)


  1. How good is he!! I can see why you were planning on what stash to fill it with x

  2. fab box and fab husband too :D xx

  3. Cool storage - and cool hubby to understand that new storage makes you happy!

  4. That's a great storage item - everything ready to take to crops (and retreats ;-D - see you soon)

  5. Oooh I NEED one of these.
    Sue x


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