Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Things heard while kids play mine-craft

Kids both currently love that Minecraft game on the 360. Those who dont you it you cut down trees and build houses and things. I think its as interesting as watching paint dry but the comments they come out with while playing are priceless!

Mark - Why are there a bunch of cows in a hole in the ground?
Cameron - Its my zoo!

Cameron - Caitlin don't touch my stuff or I'll hit you with the pick-axe of punishment!

Caitlin - Mum! Cameron set me on fire!

Cameron - Should I throw an egg at you and see what happens?

Cameron - Caitlin stop jumping off the house!

Caitlin - Why are my legs naked?

Caitlin - Why is there a cow in the hotel?

And this was all in an hour!

Today was such a long day. Scamp woke up at 6am and wouldn't calm down for some reason so I went downstairs and sat with him until everyone else was up and was time to go to Marks hospital appointment. The scan went well but we won't get the results for another two weeks. Then was home to sort out a few bits before an uneventful social meeting. So many of these meetings are just boxes that need to be ticked which I understand but really feel like such a waste of time!
Tonight we have my niece Mollie staying over them tomorrow we're hopefully off to the cinema if I can get tickets. After a rubbish couple of days actually have a few nice days planned. We all know how well my plans go though dont we! ;)
Speaking of plans todays prompt was 'last' These are the last lot of photos that I want to get scrapped before March. In here are photos ranging from the kids being newborns up to a year or so ago. I want to get them all done so I can start scrapping a little more in order which will make putting albums together SO much easier!
Looks like a lot but trust me it was MUCH bigger a while ago!


  1. Well my kids are still playing Minecraft and there are loads of adults that play it too so you shuold be watching paint dry for a while ;) I find it quite fascinating and it is definitely one of the games I prefer they play, at least it is creative, I love seeing the really elaborate worlds they build :) My pile to scrap to get up to date is probably about 90 times that so you are doing well! ;)

  2. Great "overheards"!
    Not many photos left - hope you have a nice few days...

  3. lol...I'm not even gonna show how many pics I need to scrap as they aren't even printed off yet!!


Thanks for your comments. :)