Saturday, 8 February 2014

Love the weekends

My daughter has a nice bed, comfy mattress, soft pillow, warm duvet etc, does she sleep in it?? NO! The amount of times I've walked in and found her sleeping on the floor, then she refuses to move as shes comfy where she is, its mad! lol. So when I found her like this last night I wasn't too surprised. I love how the teddies are all tucked in nice against the pillow while she really isn't.
Yesterdays photo a day prompt was 'game' which I didn't do because I wanted to share the picture of Caitlin with her certificate :) Todays was 'something beginning with F' so I picked 'Finished!' I trimmed these photos for a sketch challenge over a month ago but decided I didn't like it, so last night I pulled it apart and did this one instead. This was a couple of years ago at Easter, my Mum had done a easter egg hunt for the kids Nd bought them these little masks. Caitlin was not a fan of hers and refused to wear it and got upset, made her laugh when I wore it though ;)
Today has been a general weekend day, lots of relaxing, playing and doing bits and bobs in the house :) This afternoon Caitlin shouted down from upstairs and asked if it was ok for girls to wear boys things. Obviously I said yes Nd didn't give it another thought, then she came down dressed like this, love the cupcake in the utility belt lol.
Well nothing else planned for today so nice and dull. Caitlin's off to the cinema with my mum tomorrow so will do her homework today. I have a deal with my mum where she's taking Caitlin and mollie to see 'Peabody and Sherman' (which I REALLY don't want to go see!) and I take them to see the new tinker bell film :) secretly I want to see that anyway but shhhhhhh don't tell anyone ;)


  1. Too cute. Mine used to be like that when they were little. when I checked on them before bed they'd never be where I'd left them tucked in!

  2. Your Tinkerbell secret is safe with me!!!
    Great layout, love the title and I hope to see Caitlin in boy's clothes scrapped soon!


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