Monday, 10 February 2014

Is it half term yet?!?!?!

In the run up to half term, or any school holidays, the kids become a nightmare! I don't know if its because they're tired, or because they sense a holiday coming up but they start fighting and whinging over everything! So far this morning had two meltdowns and a temper tantrum. One of which was form Caitlin who wanted to take a toy into school. I've banned this as usually it gets broken, lost or she gets upset because people dont play with it right in her mind *rolls eyes* This morning however I gave in and said yes but I don't want to hear about it if it gets broke and ends up in the bin.
Walking to school had almost got there and she hands me the toy 'I've lost a bit somewhere you can put it in the bin now' It didnt even make it to the school!!!!
Todays photo prompt is 'timing' didn't want to do the usual watch or clock photos so took a photo of the new wellies Mum bought me, just in time for the floods and snow we're predicted this week!

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