Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fun day

Once a year our local Homestart center does a fun day for its families. Usually I go with the family I work with but she didn't want to go this year so I went along to help out anyway. My Mum was on a shopping trip with my gran and as my Dad had to take me I offered to take Mollie with me to give him a break. I was a bit worried about the two of them acting up as they were together but they were both on their best behaviour :)
They had a great time painting glasses, playing with playdough and various other crafting activities. We were there 4 hours and they didn't moan to leave once.
Showed my mum this photo and her first comment was 'But Mollie hates grapes!!' apprently these ones were nice lol.
So home now and I'm ready for bed lol. Hoping to do some layouts tonight as done all I can to my mums mothers day book until I can get some photos developed. Got to go garage in the morning and pay for the car. Ugh its gonna hurt!

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