Sunday, 2 February 2014

Farm fun :)

I've been promising the kids for weeks that we would visit the farm but the weather has been dreadful so just hasn't happened. Today however, though it was cold it was bright and dry so off we went. First was a quick trip to Tescos to see if I could find a set of wellies but no luck. Grabbed a few treats to add to our picnic though plus the basics we need for the week so not a waste.
We've been to the farm loads as its not far but this year was an extra treat as we decided to to get the kids annual passes for their birthdays. Turned out to be an amazing deal £100 and that includes access to all their event days such as fossil hunting, berry picking, bonfire night etc. Plus money off their camping weekends and anything bought in the resturant or gift shop. Yey! Its also super dog friendly there and dogs are allowed everywhere as long as they are on leads including in the resturant so can see us spending even more time there now we have Scamp.
Our visit today was really the first time Scamp had been anywhere big. We've took him on walks around the neighbourhood of course but thats not the most interesting area lol. I was confident he would enjoy it and I was very right ;) He was amazed at all the different animals that were there and tried to make friends with this goat by licking his head lol.
After meeting all the animals we dragged Scamp away to walk down to the Troll bridge. As well as the animals (obviously) and the park, the farm has lots of themed areas like the fairy glen, wheres there's lots of tree stumps carved into toadstools and little wooden fairies about, or the witches house, where theres a little cottage with lots of witch themed things inside. It just adds another level of interest for the kids and encorages them to go on walks and discover things :) Anyway the troll bridge is further than we've usually gone so took a slow walk down to find the bridge. Unfortunatly there was a huge flood puddle just the other side so couldn't go any further but the kids and Scamp were happy just jumping in the mud lo.. I remember when we first took Scamp out he wouldn't even step in puddles, he seems over that now! Also using this for todays prompt 'Two' so two happy kids (and one pup) getting muddy.
After the loooong walk it was time for lunch. On other visits we'll probably just eat here (they do the BEST sausage sandwhich and hot chocolate) but as we'd shelled out so much already we had a picnic this time :) Brought a flask of tomato soup and sausage rolls for the kids and Mark and a little bag of dog food for Scamp. I did have a sandwhich but while we were eating some turkeys wandered past. Scamp ran after them so quick he yanked his lead right out of the knot we'd put it in, and I jumped up so quick to catch him it all went flying lol. Got a hot chocolate to make me feel better though ;)
So home, baths all round to clear the huge amount of mud we brought home and time to relax before dinner (sausage and mash, yum) Scamp is currently fast asleep in his cage cuddled up to his hot water bottle teddy to keep warm after his bath. Think he enjoyed his first big day out ;)


  1. Sounds like a nice day out, except for you sandwich and having to clean up all the mud afterwards! :)

  2. Ah well - what's a little mud when the day has been so special? Sounds wonderful ...


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