Sunday, 9 February 2014


Todays prompt was 'Relax' so I took this photo of Cameron and Scamp. For some reason Scamp loves to sit on Camerons back, they often watch tv like that together but in this instance Cameron was trying to do his homework!
Today Caitlin is off with my Mum to the cinema and Cameron is on the computer as a treat. Marks still in bed bless him so once again its really quiet around here. Never trust it when it's this quiet, usually the calm before the storm lol. With not much else to do though I'm whizzing through my Mums mini book. I always struggle with mini books as obviously I have a lot less space than a 12x12 page so always feel as though its unfinished. Mum always likes them though so not too worried. :) The last page is going to be a bit of a gamble though; with my sister being pregnant obviously there is another grandchild on the way, but with the situation its not exactly a joyful experience. I spoke to my gran and I decided to leave the last page blank and put a scan photo of the baby in it. Hopefully Mum will like it :)


  1. Hehe does he only do it to Cam? Can't wait to se the mini book x


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