Sunday, 23 February 2014


Back to school tomorrow! So asked the kids what they wanted to do today and both picked at home activities, Nerf guns for Cameron and a board game for Caitlin. Such home birds the two of them.
First though I made these pin boards for Caitlins room :) I bought Cameron a pin board a while ago so obviously Caitlin wanted one too, but the one she picked was £20 which IMO is a bit much. So when in Ikea I boguht some heat pad things for the kitchen which were 3 for £1 and stuck some washi tape on to make these :) I think if I had the time I would have weaved the tape in and out of each other but Caitlin was pulling on my arm asking if I was done yet so was a bit of a rush job. Good for £1 and 10 minutes though lol.
Love this picture. The kids were playing hide and seek and Scamp kept following Caitlin and giving away her places lol.
So a nice relaxing day today :) Managed more scrapping but havent had a chance to photograph them yet. Will catch up soon! Will end on a odd comment from Cameron today :s

Cameron - I've finished dinner can I have some more?
Me - Yeah sure, there's leftovers on the side help yourself.
Cameron *happily* - Its like being in prison!

Hes an odd kid.

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