Friday, 28 February 2014

Christmas in February

Today has been a all over the place day. My Gran was coming to dinner, but as I had to pick my niece up at 12, then had a meeting at 1 I had to do dinner in the morning. So morning was spent peeling veg, potatoes and making a apple crumble. Then a mad rush to do some housework before having to go out.
Feeling very rushed overall atm. I'm away next weekend and somehow it has snuck up on me. I've done NONE of the shopping, food prep, housework or anything I need to do before a trip, haven't even cleaned the car. So this week is going to be crazy busy and on top of that I have a number of meetings, doctors appointments, vets appointments and the like so this week is very full up! *sigh*
Well panic to one side its a quiet house tonight. Caitlin is staying over at my Mums with Mollie and when I dropped her off Mum had a surprise for them both. Not sure if you can see it but that's Christmas paper there lol. Mums is dreadful for buying gifts, hiding them and finding them months later. This was a huge colour in princess house which I'm sure will keep them busy for a while. :)
Caitilin in Rapunzels wig.
Well tomorrow Caitlin has a dance exam but as thats not until the afternoon I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get some jobs crossed off my list in the morning. Wish me luck!!

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