Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Keep calm and......

Don't burn down your local Odeon cinema lol. Last night I waited up until midnight to book tickets to see the tinkerbell film and the lego movie. However when I tried to book it just kept saying the booking couldn't go through and to ring a number. Tried ringing but it was closed until 10am. Considering the film started at 10:20 and the cinema is a 35 minute drive away that was as useful as a chocolate teapot. I tried and tried and tried but didn't work. By 20 to 2 I had lost the will to live so gave up and went to bed. This morning Scamp woke us bright and early as usual and gave it another go and thank goodness it worked! So me and the girls went to see Tinkerbell while the boys went to see the Lego movie. Tinkerbell was good, def a kids film but girls enjoyed it. The boys LOVED the lego movie! Cameron keeps laughing and telling me about bits over and over again and singing songs from the film. Nice he enjoyed himself with Mark as not often they have time like that together :)
So turned out quite a nice day :) The kids are all shattered after Mollie staying over last night and them staying up longer than they usually do, plus all the excitement and junk food I think gave them a sugar rush and then the obvious crash afterwards lol. Can see an early night coming tonight ;)
Still scrapping so more layouts to share :) Love this idea for using up small scraps. The background was busy enough so didn't really add any embellishments just a title, a flower and a little bit of bling.
Another simple one. Ive got a big pile of diecut cardstock which I never use in case I do then I find the perfect layout it would have gone on iykwim. However thats daft and I have plenty so trying to use some up. These pictures are from when I was painting the walls white and I gave Caitlin a paintbrush to help. The amount of mess she made with a kids paintbrush really was impressive lol.
Still plenty of photos to work through so sure there will be more layouts to share tomorrow :)


  1. Glad you all enjoyed the films you saw. I've never booked tickets for the cinema. We just turn up and queue!

  2. I've had a few mums in this week who have done the same, they've taken the girls to Tinkerbell while the boys have gone to see Lego. Handy that they are on at the same time lol!

  3. Two lovely layouts - love the patchwork effect of the first one, great way to use up scraps. Must admit I always book online, they have taken away the ticket kiosk at our cinema which means you now have to get your tickets from the food counter and often in a queue for over 20 mins, no good for me as I can only stand for 10 mins on a very good day

  4. I love that patchwork background!!

  5. Glad you all had a nice day.
    Did you know that you shouldn't go to Scamp when he barks - he will do it all the more!!!

  6. Those sound like fun movies. Speaking of fun, those pages are great - both playful, each in its own way.


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